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SAACKE Tools for Turbines

Essential power and the highest efficiency

For decades SAACKE has been a household name in the energy-power-industry. SAACKE products are known for reliability, quality and innovation. Because of our dedication to future development, we build turbines better and more energy efficient. This not only helps our customers, but also our environment.

SAACKE Turbine milling cutters can be manufactured as follows:

Cutters for grooves and root form cuttersfor all operation sequences. Taper cutters to open the gashes as well as profile-pre cutters and profile-finish cutters.
Diamater15 to 250 mm as shank type and
30 to 250 mm as bore type
Bore diametermin. 10 mm, with standard and transversal keyway
Width / Lenghtto 380 mm with bore,
up to 300 mm as shank type
Superior Qualityof unground, ground and ground land versions
Accuracywith highest profile precision
Materialall common high-speed and powder-metal-steels like HSS/EMo5Co5, PM 30, PM-S390 or solid carbide in all K- and P-types.
*** NEW: with carbide inserts ***

Saacke deliveres all common coatings e.g. TiN, TiCN, TiALN, AlCrN

SAACKE makes your turbines sizzle!

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