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SAACKE Fin Roller

Some like it "COOL"

SAACKE helps you meet your demanding work schedule with our rib manufacturing tools for chillers. Could you imagine modern automotive technology without chillers? Chilling systems are responsible for a smooth functioning engines and for a pleasant air conditioning temperatures. Numerous well-known manufacturers of chillers are using our SAACKE form rollers due to our experience.

SAACKE offers the following services to you:

  • Construction and manufacturing of profile rollers for producing ribs for oil- water-, air- and exhaust gas- chillers
  • SAACKE quality maintenance and grinding services
  • Grinding services for competition products
  • Production of assembly- and drive units
  • Production of cutting discs made from all common high-speed and powder-metal-steels like HSS/EMo5Co5, PM 30, PM-S390 or solid carbide in all K- and P-types.
  • If requested SAACKE deliveres all common coatings e.g. TiN, TiCN, TiALN, AlCrN.

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