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Our new SAACKE CNC-Grinding Center Model UW I F Now more powerful

With the Model UW I F, SAACKE has developed a extremely compact and economic machine, which incorporates our decades of experience and modern technology. The Model UW I F was especially designed for the manufacturing and re-sharpening of tools with a max. diameter of 200 mm and a length up to 270 mm. The integrated changer for the grinding-wheels and the PICK-UP-Loader offers an optimal automation level for the manufacturing of small tools.

For the highest accuracy the machine is equipped with a water cooled 16 kw motor grinding spindle. Also a direct drive rotation axes at the grinding head and work piece holder. Through the use of the latest generation digital axes-drive with NUM-control and NUMROTOplus-Software, the UW I F machine surpasses all customer expectations worldwide.

No machine down time through new, highly flexible
Chain-driven loaders

Effective immediately, two Chain-Driven Loaders are now available for the SAACKE Model UW I D and UW I F. As an option to the existing PICK-UP-Loader, SAACKE offers an internal Chain-driven loader with a maximum of 64 work pieces, or an external Chain-Driven Loader for up to 160 work pieces.

Both of the Chain-Driven Loaders provide the option of using work pieces with different shank diameters:

Work pieces can be added on the chain with different shank diameters, collets of Type KM 20 or KM 32 can be used together or separately. One collet must be used per work piece.

Collets with bayonet fittings can now be used. This is a new alternative. In this case the chain will be assembled with only one collet per shank diameter. The collet will be changed automatically before the process and saved with a bayonet in the hydraulic expansion chuck.

Another advantage is the assembly of the Chain-Driven Loaders during the grinding process. Therefore the costs of the non-productive-time will be reduced almost to zero.


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